Our practice has developed a strong reputation over the years for inventive and yet sensitive new buildings, however a large proportion of our workload seeks to assist and develop existing building stock for individuals and developers alike.

We appreciate that our surroundings and regional architecture are important within an overall planning context and intervention is sensitively managed through detailed planning policy. Over the years we have developed the skills to carefully interpret possibility, constraints and opportunity in order to advise and hopefully satisfy our clients desires for their building projects. There are therefore limited opportunities for large scale developments and new buildings in their entirety and quite often our work is focused on improving or significantly adjusting existing buildings where exacting and bespoke project briefs from our clients can seem constrained initially by what exists already. We relish the opportunity to try and unlock this potential.

We are keen to consider a buildings potential in full and there may be good reason to retain and work with an existing structure, be this budget driven or by way of a particular historic importance, or perhaps just for the sake of the embodied energy within its construction as it stands. Over the years we have developed a strong understanding of local and historic construction techniques and as such have become competent in assessing suitable construction and detailing to allow modern additions to buildings to enhance existing structures and spaces.

Importantly, we are then able to do this without a compromise to the performance criteria that are to be expected from new buildings designed to meet and exceed current building standards and find our extensive working knowledge of the building regulations and relationships with building control officers invaluable in providing a team led solution to quite often difficult challenges.

These types of projects can also be complex in detail and interpretation and we are able to source and engage support from a wealth of good quality local contractors with whom we have built working relationships over many years.

We find they can be invaluable with on the ground skills and ingenuity in order to assist in interpreting a clients requirements from both a cost and program perspective and we are keen to involve a contractor as early as we can in the process in order to progress a project from design stage into the reality of construction as quickly and efficiently as we can for all involved.

Recent Alterations and Building Extensions Projects Completed:



  • The Homestead, Weeke Hill
  • Marshalls, Merchants Garden, Thurlestone
  • The Green Mantle, Paignton
  • 19 Mead Drive, Thurlestone
  • 19 Lower Street, Dartmouth
  • Merlins Cottage – DGCC
  • Riverside House, Dittisham
  • The Keep, Mount Boone
  • Amberley, Stoke Gabriel
  • The Smithy and Old Globe House, Collaford Steps
  • Mawingo, 77 Above Town
  • Wychwood, Swannaton Road, Dartmouth
  • Pleasant Valley, Stoke Fleming
  • Ravensbury Drive, Warfleet Road


  • Cherry Orchard,Totnes Road, Strete
  • Ford Bank House
  • 27 Green Park Way, Chillington
  • The Tower House, Higher Street, Kingswear
  • 16 Dart Marina, Dartmouth
  • Reeds, 6 Lily Terrace, Tocross, TQ7 2TQ
  • Seawardstone House, Blackawton
  • The House, Garden Time
  • 2 Church Hill, Kingswear
  • Alterations to Redlap House, Dartmouth
  • 58 Burton Street, Brixham
  • 6 Town Farm Cottage, Blackawton
  • 6 Deer Park Road, Stoke Fleming
  • Normandy Arms – conversion
2012 cont...

2012 cont...

  • 9 Mount Boone Way, Dartmouth
  • The Two Pencils, Blackawton
  • Caudells, Strete
  • 13 Crowthers Hill, Dartmouth
  • Redlap House, Stoke Fleming
  • The Hermitage, Above Town
  • Harbour Lights, South Town
  • Top Deck, Ridley Hill, Kingswear
  • Ravensbury Lodge, Swannaton
  • Blacklands Farm, Slapton
  • Barton Cottage, Dittisham
  • 40 Above Town, Dartmouth
  • High Gables, Kingswear
  • Eastney, Beacon Rd, Kingswear
  • 37 Clarence Hill, Dartmouth


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