Whatever the scale of the building project you are about to embark upon, it is the architects job to guide you through the whole process. Your Chartered Architect will ensure that the proposed design is translated into a building that meets your needs and aspirations in an imaginative and cost effective way.

From initial enquiry to finished building a Chartered Architect will handle:

Appraisal and Briefing


Understanding the needs and aspirations of the client

  • Identification of clients requirements;
  • Undertaking a feasibility study;
  • Selecting a suitable site;
  • Establishing planning constraints;
  • Assistance in obtaining an outline budget;
  • Drawing up a project schedule;
  • Identifying specialists who will need to be consulted;

Developing the Design


Translating the clients needs into a coherent scheme

  • Developing and refining appropriate architectural solutions;
  • Preliminary discussions with local planning departments;
  • Review the procurement route;
  • Assistance to co-ordinate an estimate of costs;
  • Communicating the design;
  • Co-ordinating with specialist consultants;
  • Selecting materials;

Gaining Statutory Consents


Making sure that the design fits in with planning policy

  • Detailed consultation with local planners;
  • Preparation of planning application;
  • Consultation with national bodies;
  • Listed buildings/Conservation areas/Environmental consents etc;

Preparing Documents


Communicating the design to the builder

  • Preparation of working drawings and specifications;
  • Obtaining building regulations approval;

Tender and Contract


Working with a builder to realise the clients’ dreams

  • Selecting a short-list of builders;
  • Organising and assessing tenders;
  • Negotiation with preferred builder;
  • Preparation of contract documentation;
  • Monitoring construction processes on site;
  • Providing co-ordination of decision making on design between client & contractor;
  • Assessing and certifying payments and any amendments to the original contract;
  • Determining compliance of workmanship with quality specified in the contract;



Handing over the completed building to the client

  • Ensuring outstanding defects are corrected;
  • Certifying and agreeing final payment to the builder;


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