The Royal Institute of British Architects is a chartered body which entitles members to use the term “Chartered Architect”, and the following initials: R.I.B.A. (Royal Institute of British Architects). The title “Architect” is protected by law (Architects Act 1997) and by the Architects Registration Board.

Anyone calling themselves a building consultant, architectural designer, plan drawer or architectural technician “is not an Architect, and does not have comparable skills or knowledge.”

Using a Chartered Architect

When you use a Chartered Architect you are protected; skills have to be exercised to the standards established by the professional body, in professional conduct and in the procedures by which your employment is executed.

A Chartered Architect is obliged to uphold the reputation of the architectural profession and fellow professionals; carry out work on behalf on the clients honourably, independently and efficiently; and declare any interest which might conflict with the status of an independent consultant architect.

When you appoint a chartered architect you have the security of these standards, guidance upon procedures and recalls to advice of the professional body. Such safeguards are not available for those choosing other routes whereby the design is under the control of the builder or “architectural consultant”.

RIBA Chartered Practice Accreditation

RIBA Chartered Practice accreditation is applicable for any size of practice. Whether a soul practitioner, medium sized business or large practice it is designed to improve business effectiveness and performance. Being a chartered practice provides a quality assurance to potential clients and the wider construction industry and accreditation to the scheme confirms that the practice is committed to excellence in design and service delivery.

For the client appointing a practice is a key decision, and clients should therefore appreciate the reassurance that can be provided by a trustworthy third party accreditation from bodies such as the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).

The RIBA chartered practice scheme exists to raise the standards of the profession. It encourages not only the highest levels of design capability but better working practices and improved customer services.

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