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A private development for Kingsdart Projects Ltd comprising of 4 luxury apartments with a mix of single level and single aspect units, 3 duplex apartments and 1 larger top floor penthouse within the roofscape. The site has an important presence along Victoria Road in Dartmouth and presented an opportunity for a successful intervention along the streetscape which needed to be mindful and respectful of the Grade II Listed Guildhall building adjacent.

The external form of the building not only had to address the Georgian scale and proportion of the prominent Victoria Road, but also needed to interpret the smaller scale and close nit terrace of cottages that sit along Lake Street to the rear. Despite this challenging contrast we have been able to develop the design so as to take a modern stance, which has allowed its facade treatment to vary and enliven the immediate urban street scene in many different ways.

The apartments internally are contemporary, yet simple in styling and due to a varied arrangement of internal spaces, each are able to offer something different in terms of the accommodation provided and aspect to the immediate town views that surround. The building uses a requirement for parking as an opportunity to open up the ground floor at the rear of the building to improve the streetscape and perception of space along this narrow road. This is done by the upper rear storeys being supported on columns to provide a parking colonnade and then further rear access and storage for all the units.


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