Dartmouth Pottery


Angel Property (Dartmouth) Ltd


Stacey Construction


£3 million

Angel Property set us a challenging brief to provide nine luxury high quality contemporary apartments within one of Dartmouth’s most important historic buildings utilising the rest of the site to provide for necessary ancillary external space and parking. We were also commissioned to design a sensitive addition of 8 new mews houses to complete an enclosed courtyard and form a backdrop to the important Grade II listed building.

The existing pottery building was in reasonable condition and retains original timber supporting structure internally with large posts and beams supporting floors and a single spanning vaulted timber roof of which there are very few remaining examples of such a date.

The challenge was to insert new contemporary finishes and apartment layouts in and around this existing structure in order to make a feature of it and yet provide a clear contrast between old and new. As a result this has given the interiors an individual appearance and every apartment clearly has its own identity.

The new building takes the same palette of contemporary finishes but uses them in a new design as an adjacent mews terrace, overlooking the new courtyard and with glimpses of the River Dart. There was also a focus on a newly landscaped parking and entrance court which has successfully rejuvenated this otherwise dilapidated site at the centre of the historic Warfleet Creek in Dartmouth.


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